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An amazing experience for those you love. Helping us save up for renewable power technologies at the farm and transition to lower carbon farming. Win win!

Adopt a Bee

From just £2 you can adopt your very own Bee! Bee-rilliant! We care for and look after your bee in our hives here on the farm.


Choose between a Drone, Worker or Queen Bee, give them a name of your choice then we will send you your certificate of adoption. Choose between a PDF certificate, posted paper or posted FSC wood framed certificate to proudly display on your wall.

Bulk ordering for an office / class full of worker bees? Email us via the form at the bottom and we can streamline bulk bookings for you.


Choose your Bee

There are 3 types of bees within a colony:


These are the male bees. Their job is to journey out to mate with other queen bees. Unlike the females, they don't have a stinger & sadly will die once mated - but hey, they have a good time in the process!