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An amazing experience for those you love. Helping us save up for renewable power technologies at the farm and transition to lower carbon farming. Win win!

Adopt a Bee

From just £2 you can adopt your very own Bee! Bee-rilliant! We care for and look after your bee in our hives here on the farm.


Choose between a Drone, Worker or Queen Bee, give them a name of your choice then we will send you your certificate of adoption. Choose between a PDF certificate, posted paper or posted FSC wood framed certificate to proudly display on your wall.

Bulk ordering for an office / class full of worker bees? Email us via the form at the bottom and we can streamline bulk bookings for you.


Choose your Bee

There are 3 types of bees within a colony:


These are the male bees. Their job is to journey out to mate with other queen bees. Unlike the females, they don't have a stinger & sadly will die once mated - but hey, they have a good time in the process! 



These are the female bees. Their job is never ending - from nursing to foraging and even making wax, these little ladies get it done. They work their entire lifespan & they make up the vast majority of the hives population.


Queen Bee

Ahhh the Queen Bee. Her job is to lay up to an astonishing 2,500 eggs a day to keep the colony going. That takes parenting to a whole new level. On the plus side, she is fed by one of her many attendants who are usually following her around to wait on her hand & foot (or wing and foreleg).


Have a wedding or function coming up? Want something unique & different? Why not purchase bees as an alternative to place names & name each bee after your guests! Message us for more info.
Goat Video Call Vouchers

Know someone who has loads of video call meetings? Gift them 5 minutes with a Goat! They select the time, date and call for our goats to join, then the Goat rocks up in their meeting, befuddling their colleagues and bewildering their comrades!


Valid for 12 months from booking.

Virtual Farm Tours Vouchers

Know someone who loves all things farms and is missing adventures into the countryside? Maybe you know a child in virtual school whose class would love a virtual countryside treat. Book them a 20 minute guided farm tour voucher for them to enjoy along with anyone else they choose to invite along.


Meet our world famous Zoom Goats, our free range poultry hens, sheepdogs and upland sheep flock all set in the stunning rolling hills of England.


Valid for 12 months from booking.

Holiday Vouchers
treehousesummer (5).jpg

For the adventurous ones in your life! Let them choose between our Treehouse, Yurt, Shepherds Hut and Old Farm Office. Unique, quirky accommodation tucked into private spots around our farm. Located an hour's bus ride / 40 minute drive North of central Manchester, and 70 minutes drive/ 2 hours train + bus from Manchester International Airport. Choose from a 2 night stay voucher for our Treehouse at £140 for two people, or a 3 night stay for any of our accommodations for £190 for two people. 


Complete your voucher purchase and we will email you the PDF voucher. You can then email it on to the lucky recipient or print it off to gift to them.

Vouchers can be used for Friday - Monday stays in line with our availability.


Vouchers are valid for 18 months from the purchase date.


Sit back and feel smug knowing you've bought an awesome gift AND you're helping us save up for renewable tech for our farm! Thank you for helping us do all we can to tackle climate change!

Goat Yoga Vouchers

Like a normal yoga class, but better!

For your Goat / Yoga loving comrades - treat them to a yoga session with some additional goaty goodness.

All classes are at our Farm, 1 hour North of Manchester, England.

Vouchers cover the cost of two attendees.

Price: £50 


Meet our celebrity Zoom Goats, have a laugh and get some Yoga in too!

Valid for 12 months from booking.

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? Message us

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Tasty farm produce goodness (and animal poop - not for eating silly, for your garden plants!) 
Our farm produce sales are currently limited to our local area. We don't list everything we sell as we do not produce enough to sell to a large market (sorry!) We're a small farm using extensive farming systems, so the volume we produce is small to reflect the space we make for wildlife and increasing biodiversity. We're always working on producing more while also increasing on farm biodiversity - a tricky balancing act, but we love a challenge!