Mini Farm Explorers toddler group

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10.30am - 11.15am

£5.99 for one parent and one child

£2 for additional siblings / adults (who must, by law, be in the same bubble as you)

Babes in arms are free

Small group sizes. Limited ticket availability. Covid cafe.








What to bring:

  • £2 coin (for any siblings / additional adults eggs purchasing)

  • welly boots and waterproofs/ weather appropriate clothes

  • Face mask for all aged 11+ (just in case needed in the barn)

Feed the hens then collect and grade the eggs on our egg grader. Feed the goats while exploring the farm with our experienced farm guides. The tour begins soon after arrival at 10.30am and finishes at around 11.15am. There is also a chance at the end to buy fresh eggs you have collected from the farm (£2 for half a dozen rainbow eggs.)

Please be advised, especially during the winter months, to wrap up and wear appropriate footwear as the ground can get very muddy! We run our groups come rain or shine, so please dress appropriately for the weather.

All attendees must wash their hands on arrival at the farm and before leaving the farm. We ask for parents/anyone over 11 to wear face masks when in the barn (part of the tour is in two of our large barns, although these are not classed as indoor spaces due to the large barn doors / slatted walls, as an extra safety measure our staff still wear masks and we ask attending adults to as well.)

*Pregnant and/ or breast feeding mothers should not touch the sheep or goats, as there is a small risk of becoming poorly. All other activities they can join in with. If you want to feed your baby while you are here we can find you a nice spot to sit down inside and enjoy the view until you're ready to rejoin the group. Just ask.


Not been before? A note for new visitors:


We are not a big commercial visitor centre, we are a small family hill farm and only do small, pre arranged public group activities like this when fits around farm work.


If you've any questions before your visit drop an email to

The C word!

Covid - what a bloomin nightmare eh! Luckily for us, our farm offers the perfect, huge outdoor space for a coivd safe toddler group. As a business following coivd 19 guidelines set out by we are allowed up to 30 guests on the farm at a time (this is because we are a business, not a social setting such as a park or garden) - however we have chosen to limit our toddler group sizes to 8 tickets. This means if you'd like to bring an extra sibling or family member in the same bubble as you, you can, and everyone still has plenty of space to social distance without that horrid awkward 'you're in my space and I can't get away from you' feeling.

As of the week commencing September 14th we will also be switching our staff's cloth masks for clear plastic visors to make it easier for little children to read facial expressions and safely interact with our farm guides - this is us attempting to make the whole mask wearing adults thing a bit less weird for the little ones. We will also have sanitised plastic visors available for grown ups to borrow if you would prefer a clear mask to a cloth visor (donations welcome). Although we do not require masks for outdoor activities we ask all adults to bring a mask along in their pocket, just in case. We also ask all visitors to wash their hands on arrival and, as usual, and on departure after feeding the animals.

Want a private tour?

For those choosing not to attend public events who would still like to come along, we are now offering private sessions for you and those in your bubble. Prices start at £20. Drop us a line below if you'd like to book.

Questions? message us

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