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Are your video call comrades paying attention?

Add a Goat and find out


Zoom fatigue? Add a goat.

Mundane work calls? Add a goat.

Have a capricious caprine butt into your meeting and spice things up. Practically guaranteed to cause mass confusion, bewilderment and hilarity. 

Want to book annonomusly? We Goat you. No one will know who invited the goat.... unless you have a lack of poker face.


Only £5!

Goat With A Note

Important news to share? Tell us your special message, we'll write it out on goat friendly edible paper with special edible ink then video the note being presented to the goats and promptly devoured. Because good news is delicious.

Birthday card? Invitation to dinner? Festive wishes? We've goat you covered. Order your personalised video to arrive today or schedule your video to be sent to a loved one on their birthday! Click below to book



Virtual Farm Tour


Virtually explore our farm with one of our farmhands and get a farmers eye view of being out on the farm. Meet all the Goats, visit the hen house to see the hens and check for eggs, meet the sheep, sheepdogs and check out our renewable power system of solar panels, Tesla power walls, car chargers and the ground source heat pump!

Want to ask questions? There's time for that too. 


Henhouse Party

Work calls getting samey? Dial in a flock of hens to your next video call. Our girls have eggcellent bant(em)s and always look chic. The perfect addition to any group chat and you only have to shell out a fiver.


Questions? Message us 

Thanks! Message sent.

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