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primary school aged children meet a Cheviot sheep
Primary school children feed the hens

To be eligible for a free visit your group must be either:

  • Studying the National Curriculum at an educational institution monitored by Ofsted.

  • Attending as a Care Farming experience for a group of vulnerable/ marginalised / disabled people such as special needs school students, women's refuges, care homes, disability clubs and similar such groups that have registered charity status or are registered with Ofsted.

Unfortunately we cannot offer free visits to certain groups due to the criteria of government funding:

  • No childminding groups.

  • No groups such as beavers/ brownies/ youth groups.

  • No homeschooling groups.

  • No groups with less than 7 students or more than 30.

Want to book multiple visits from the same school? No problem - there is no limit on the amount of visits any one school can book. We have a limited number of free visits available each year and we always run out quickly so get booked in ASAP to secure a visit!

No free visits available/ don't fit the criteria but still want to visit?

Half day visits for up to 30 students: £89

Full day visits for up to 30 students: £199

Half day visits for up to 60 students: £178

Full day visits for up to 60 students: £399

Have 60+ students? We can host group sizes with up to ~90 students. Contact us before booking to discuss.

Visit Activities:

  • Meet our free range poultry flock, feed the birds, learn about egg production, collect the eggs and learn about bird welfare.

  • Watch our egg grading equipment sort the eggs into different weight categories ready for sale. Learn about how eggs are hatched into chicks and the life cycle of the hen.

  • Visit our meat goat herd. Learn about goats and goat care. Feed the goats a snack. Learn about ruminant digestion (the way goats digest their food) and how we manage our farmland to provide food for the goats and what the goats are used for at the farm - grazing research and unusual farm diversification activities!

  • Go out into the fields on the farm to learn about the importance of biodiversity on farmland. Enjoy our fun and interactive educational activities teaching about grasses and hedgerow plants, insects and mammals.

  • Visit the moorland adjacent to the farm and take part in our carbon quiz to learn about the importance of peatland and bog habitats.

  • Take apart a bee hive (with no bees in!) and learn about how our Bees make their honey. Learn about the role of pollinators in the wild and their role in human food production.

  • Check out our state of the art renewably powered tech on the farm - Go in the field where the heat pump is buried and learn all about the renewably powered super efficient heating and hot water system. Look at our state of the art electric power tools we use on the farm. See our Tesla battery charging bank, Tesla car chargers and our solar panel array that powers the farm.

  • Learn about what we are doing to help tackle climate change. Why is climate change bad? What can we do to reduce the negative effects of climate change? What is a carbon footprint and how are we reducing ours? What are the biggest emitters of fossil fuels? What are the easiest things each of us can do about climate change?


Please note: There is not time to cover all of these activities, but we endeavor to fit in as much as possible. Group leaders can select topics to focus on during the booking process. We will tailor our activities and language to the age/ ability level of your group, and spend more time on your focus topics where possible.

Virtual farm visits

Can't visit us in person? We do online tours, too!


From informative work happy hours with employees and their families to schools, youth clubs and more, our virtual educational farm tours give you the chance to explore our farm from anywhere in the world! 

Price: £18

Tour length: 20 minutes

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