Farmers eye view


Virtually get out into the countryside via a video call with a farmer. See what we see while we do our daily farm jobs. Come with us for twenty minutes to check for new lambs and goat kids, collect the eggs, train the sheepdogs and listen out for the the Curlews, Skylarks and Cuckoos. look out across the rolling hills - all from the comfort of your home - or even stay tucked up in bed with a brew if you're calling early doors! We know lots of folks are stuck inside at the mo. This is our way of sharing our beautiful farm, wildlife and animals with you. Book any time between 5am GMT when we start out day to 8.30pm GMT when the sun sets.

We have many years of experience hosting school groups, community groups (such as church groups, Brownies, Guides, Scouts etc) corporate groups and friends and family groups, too.


Now we are offering virtual tour experiences we have applied our knowledge of vulnerable person safe guarding and our understanding of how to create safe learning environments to the virtual classroom, too.


If you have any safety concerns with regards to organising a call please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


£18 (we don't mind how many folks are in the zoom call, have as many as you like!)

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