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         - A personalised certificate of adoption

Choose which goat to adopt and tell us who's adopting them and we will email you a personalised certificate!

          - A personalised video from the Goats with a personalised message of your choice

We will hand write your message onto special edible paper using special edible ink, record the goats presenting the message, then eating it! 

           - UNLIMTED live video calls to your Goat for only £3 a call!

Receive a discount link to call your Goat whenever you like (in line with our availability.) The Goat will even message you if you turn the chat box on! (They've very dextrous hooves, good for typing.)

        - An additional free ticket when you book to attend Goat Yoga (RRP £25)

Want to visit IRL? Book a Goat yoga class ticket in and get a second ticket FREE! (Use within 18 months of ordering your adoption certificate)

          - 15% discount when booking to stay at the farm

Choose between our Treehouse, Shepherds Hut, Old Farm Office Cabin or Woodland Yurt.

Price: £35


Made and emailed to you within 24 hours of booking Monday - Friday! 


(ordering last minute before Christmas? Order before 3pm GMT on Christmas eve and we will  send you your order before 8am GMT  on Christmas day!)


All profits from adoptions go towards  switching our farming practices to lower carbon models. woohoo!


*Remember!* We are a working farm! All our animals on the farm are for food! The primary use of our Goats is currently conservation grazing research to look into lower carbon footprint Capra hircus feeding models - however in the long run (usually when female goats are 6+ and males are ~2 / 4-5 depending on if they are chosen as a Stud goat) the Goats, like our sheep and laying poultry, go for meat. We often have Goats who stick around for much longer like Lola who is 8 and Mary who is 11 and are still in fine fettle. We know ~85% of the people globally consume animal products regularly but for the 15% who don’t - we want to make this clear to you so there’s no confusion! More info on our farming ethics here if you are nosey for more.



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