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Reluctant learners

The classroom learning environment does not suit everyone. Our farm gives students who prefer a more practical hands on learning style a chance to learn through doing - an approach which keeps them interested and engaged in their work. Whether your students are disengaged or disruptive, we find that the practical nature of farm work allows many students who may typically struggle to concentrate in school to really shine and succeed. 


All the activities we offer to reluctant learners can be tied into the national curriculum, GNVQ's related to agriculture and agricultural related careers such as forestry, farming, carpentry, conservation and animal care. This gives students who are not interested in attending university an insight into several career paths which are better suited to a CV containing practical work experience rather than academic studies.




We accept bookings year round. We offer first time teachers visiting our farm a free pre-visit to meet the farm staff, have a look round and discuss any learning objectives you'd like to achieve during your visit. To request a visit, please email us if you would like to arrange a pre-visit or get some more information prior to submitting a booking form.




We have a minimum charge of £75 for a half day visit and £142 for a full day visit, which includes up to 6 students. There is an additional charge of £7.50 per student thereafter. 


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