Cronkshaw Fold is a traditional working farm. This means we do not farm on an intensive industrial scale, but instead on a small, environmentally friendly scale with an aim to keep inputs and our overall carbon footprint of production down while keeping our animal welfare and food standards up to the highest possible standard. The result is scrumptious food farmed by people you know and trust. All our animals are kept in line with the RSPCA’s '5 freedoms' Philosophy. You can read more about this philosophy here.


Everything on the produce list below is grown on the farm by us. We have limited availability as we supply our delivery round customers first, however you can sign up to be added to our customer list by completing this form.


If you live in Helmshore you may be interested in signing up to our 'Green Egg round.' This is where we deliver eggs (and other produce by arrangement) every Tuesday. £2.15 per half dozen including delivery. To sign up to our egg round you must live in Helmshore. Click here to be added to the customer waiting list.

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