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children playing in the straw
making a wooden wind chime
playing with puppies
cutting flowers in the garden
art work at the farm
feeding lambs at Cronkshaw Fold Farm
Working together at Cronkshaw Fold
Creative art at Cronkshaw Fold Farm
Weaving workshops at Cronkshaw Fold
New skills at Cronkshaw Fold Farm
Nurture visits

Our nurture visits focus on the individuals who are visiting us and their specific needs. We have a wide range of people coming to us on Nurture visits from school children to activity clubs, societies and charitable organisations, particularly those with a focus on mental wellbeing.


We aim to engauge our nurture visit participants in activities they will find enjoyable and rewarding where they can see the positive influence of their involvement within a project - from building bird boxes to helping to feed new born orphan lambs. We aim to instill in all our visitors a sense of selfworth and self confidence through positive expereinces of achievement. This style of visit is sometimes referred to as a 'care farming.'




We accept bookings year round. We offer first time group leaders visiting our farm a free pre visit to meet the farm staff, have a look round and discuss any particular objectives you'd like to achieve during your visit. To request a visit, please email us if you would like to arrange a pre visit or get some more information prior to submitting a booking form.




We have a minimum charge of £75 for a half day visit and £142 for a full day visit, which includes up to 6 students. There is an additional charge of £7.50 per student thereafter. 

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