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Fundraiser for Outreach Moldova

Saturday July 9th - Goat Yoga, farm tours, brews, sarnies and cake!

goat yoga kirsty.jpg

Schedule for the Day:

11am: Goat yoga class

11am: Farm tour

12.45pm: Goat yoga class

12.45pm: Farm tour

2.30pm: Goat yoga class

2.30pm: Farm tour

11am - 4pm: Brews, sandwiches and cake available to buy for anyone booked in for farm tours or goat yoga classes, made and donated by members of the community and a limited amount of organic tea, organic coffee with organic local milk from the farm.


Goat Yoga: £25

Farm tour: £6

Booking essential as we have a tiddily widdly tiny car park! 

Want to know exactly what the money will be spent on? Click here to learn about the work of Outreach Moldova.

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