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Gift something good - Adopt a farm friend

Looking for a unique gift for the animal/insect loving pals in your life? Why not adopt! Not only do you get to name your new farm friend, you are also helping improve the countryside, pollination and helping us strive to lower our carbon footprint by installing renewable energy technologies.

Adopt a Bee

Honey Bees are pollinators for fruits, flowers and veggies. They pollinate a third of the world's food - that's a pretty important job! So here at Cronkshaw Fold Farm, we bee-lieve its important to look after our hives and strive to get more bees out into the countryside to help with the pollination.

Know someone who's as crazy about bees as we are? Why not adopt a bee for them! Not only are you giving a super cool gift (with its own certificate for the lucky recipient!), you are also helping to fund new wildflowers being planted, new hives being installed & helping to increase pollination with more bees! Now if that isn't a super cool gift, I don't know what is!

From just £2, you can adopt & name your very own bee. Bee-rilliant! Once you have adopted your bee, you will receive an email with your certificate. All you have to do is print off & add the name to the certificate! (make sure you check in your junk/spam mail!)

You can also sign up to our mailing list to see how the bees are getting on and all about our yummy honey & wax products!

Which bee are you?

There are 3 types of bees within a colony:


These are the male bees. Their job is to journey out to mate with other queen bees. Unlike the females, they don't have a stinger & sadly will die once mated - but hey, they have a good time in the process! 



These are the female bees. Their job is never ending - from nursing to foraging and even making wax, these little ladies get it done. They work their entire lifespan & they make up the vast majority of the hives population.


Queen Bee

Ahhh the Queen Bee. Her job is to lay up to an astonishing 2,500 eggs a day to keep the colony going. That takes parenting to a whole new level. On the plus side, she is fed by one of her many attendants who are usually following her around to wait on her hand & foot (or wing and foreleg).


Have a wedding or function coming up? Want something unique & different? Why not purchase bees as an alternative to place names & name each bee after your guests!
Adopt a Cock

Give the gift of a cock. Adopt one of our lovable cockerels - perfect for those friends who are without a cockerel in their life. By adopting a cock, you're helping with the upkeep of our cockerels on the farm - from feeding to housing and all that's in between. 

Once you have adopted your cock, an email will be sent with a certificate for you to print and fill out for the lucky recipient. (make sure you check in your junk/spam mail!)


Adopt a Kid

Know someone who's already got 3 kids? Why not add one more to the mix! By adopting a kid from our 2020 spring births, you're helping with the upkeep of our kids & goats on the farm - our kids eat a lot ( regular kids then!) plus the money helps with any medical expenses they may need in the future & any other goat related expenses!

Once you have adopted your kid, an email will be sent with a certificate for you to print and fill out for the lucky recipient. (make sure you check in your junk/spam mail!)


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