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Class feeds chickens
child investigates plants
children stroke sheep
Willow house at Cronkshaw Fold Farm
Poly tunnel investigating
Cronkshaw Fold Farm activities
growing at Cronkshaw Fold Farm
Studying the soil
Investigating insects
studying trees
Primary schools

Our Primary school aged visits give children a chance to look round a real farm, meet the farm animals and learn firsthand about the importance of the countryside for growing food and providing habitats for wildlife.


Below are some of the topics we can cover at early years, KS1 and KS2 level:


Food and farming: Animal and plant health and growth

What food comes from farms? How does it grow? Meet the animals and see the trees and plants that grow food on the farm. Find out how we care for the food we grow, and how it grows.


Minibeasts and life cycles

Visit the minibeast mansion and explore minibeast habitats with magnifying glasses and special bug watching equipment. Learn about life cycles of insects, animals and plants here on the farm.


Weather, climate and seasons

Learn about the weather types and their effects on the farm, the different seasonal jobs on the farm and the different climate characteristics required to carry out seasonal farm jobs.


Living things, Habitats and food chains

Woodlands, ponds, bogs, pastures, hedgerows and moorland are some of the many different habitats on the farm. Visit these habitats and learn about the trees, plants, animals and insects that live there. Learn about the food chains these plants, animals and insects are a part of.


People who help us

Learn about how farmers grow crops and care for animals and the countryside to produce food for others and how that food travels from the farm to your fork. Practical activities growing, picking and cooking food to demonstrate the process of food production and explanation on how farmers act as stewards caring for the countryside.


Care for the Environment

All visiting groups who stay for a full day visit (including lunch time) have a short recycling activity after lunch, where we turn the process of separating lunch time rubbish into a game, teaching about composting and recycling rubbish along with the effects of rubbish on the environment. We weigh the non-recyclable rubbish and then divide the result by the number of visitors in your party to give a value for the grams of 'waste per person.' We then put this value next to your school name on our 'WASTE BUSTERS' league table. The school with the least non-recyclable waste receives an award from us at the end of the school year.



You can mix and match the learning topics you would like to cover on your visit - We can cover one topic in detail, or up to 3 (on a full day visit) more briefly. You can choose what would be best for you and your students in relation to your learning objectives and how much information you feel your students can absorb.


We strongly encourage hands on learning activities for all children. We have several farm buildings which provide shelter and undercover activity areas should the weather turn. We also have a classroom environment with toileting and hand washing facilities where children can eat their lunch. Tea and coffee making facilities along with a microwave are accessible free of charge for teachers and helpers should you wish to make yourself a hot drink at lunch time. Several areas of the farm can be accessed by wheelchair, though sadly not our woodland or kitchen gardens (yet!) If you have wheelchair users, feel free to call us and you can discuss your specific needs with us.




We accept bookings year round. We offer first time teachers visiting our farm a free pre-visit to meet the farm staff, have a look round and discuss any learning objectives you'd like to achieve during your visit. To request a visit please email us if you would like to arrange a pre-visit or get some more information prior to submitting a booking form.




We have a minimum charge of £75 for a half day visit and £142 for a full day visit, which includes up to 6 students. There is an additional charge of £7.50 per student thereafter. 

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