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Book a virtual farm tour and virtually do our farm jobs with us via live stream video. Feed the hens, collect the eggs, check the goats and meet our sheepdogs, all from the comfort of your home! You'll have the chance to ask questions throughout. Sessions run daily, cost £18 with an unlimited number of participants and last for 20 minutes. Click here to book.

Choose between Alden Shepherd's hut, The Old Farm office, Coven Treehouse and our Woodland Yurt self catering accommodations. Want an environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint eco holiday? We're your jam - and the money you spend here helps us invest in more environmentally friendly farming practices. Click here to see our accommodations.

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Welcome to Cronkshaw Fold

Located in the beautiful Alden Valley, Cronkshaw Fold is a traditional hill farm with a passion for environmentally friendly farming, animal welfare and teaching about the importance of sustainable agriculture. We run educational visits, host visitors for farm holidays and host environmentally friendly weddings in our barn, too.


We farm poultry, meat goats and sheep alongside our kitchen gardens, honey bees and broadleafed woodland. We use sustainable farming practices that promote a healthy environment, care for the countryside, increase local wildlife and preserve traditional rural skills such as dry stone walling, hedge laying, coppicing and companion planting.

All of our livestock are farmed in line with the RSPCA "5 freedoms" philosophy and have access to large outdoor spaces for grazing and foraging during fair weather including species rich mowing meadows. They also have indoor weatherproof accommodation for poor weather.

Climate change is something we are very concerned about. We have a great sense of urgency to do all we can to prevent our contribution towards emissions and help our visitors do the same. This includes working towards changing our current farming practices in order to grow produce with a lower carbon footprint. We are also working hard to raise money to invest in renewable power technologies so we can produce and store energy on site.


Where are we?

Cronkshaw Fold Farm & study centre







- 2 hours South of Scotland

- 4 hours North of London

- 40 Minutes North from Manchester Airport




Closest airport = Manchester then Leeds-Bradford.


Closest train stations = Manchester (for those coming North from London/ Birmingham/ Wales way)) 

OR Accrington (for those travelling from Leeds / Bradford / Newcastle / Scotland way)


Coming from Manchester, Blackburn or Accrington: X41

The x41 goes between Blackburn and Manchester. It stops in our village at Gregory Fold, Helmshore. Get off here. It's a 25 minute walk to the farm from the bus stop or a 5 minute taxi ride (google Kenyons Taxis, Haslingden for a local taxi.)


Neary's shop (a local shop for local people - but Mrs Neary is nice and will let you in if you are polite) is by the bus stop and has everything you could want if you're after buying supplies once you're here so you don't have to carry loads of food/ drink while travelling. DON'T YOU DARE buy eggs there though, you buy them from us or our hens will be very offended!



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