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Book a Goat With a Note

Have an important message to relay? Deliver it through the medium of a goat with an edible note. You write it, they eat it, we film it. It's 2022 and this is what we use the internet for now. Only £10! Click here to book!

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Are your colleagues paying attention? Find out by anonymously adding a goat to your meeting and see if anyone notices. Click here to choose your fave goat. Only £5!

goat yoga kirsty.jpg

Goat Yoga - like normal yoga - only smellier. Meet our WORLD FAMOUS goats of video call stardom! £25 a ticket. £190 for private group bookings. Vouchers available. They might even give you a hooftagraph. Click here to find out more!

Hang out with Goats
Adopt a Goat!
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Venue Hire

Rent our barn! Hire from 2pm Friday - 4pm Sunday: £2750.

Limited availability (most of the time it's full of farm equipment!) Includes glamping accommodation for 8, the hot tub and a guided farm tour. Click here for more info

Farm Experiences

Book a tour round the farm with one of our farmhands, meet the animals, give them their breakfast/ dinner, learn all about what we are trying to do here (grow as much delicious food as poss with the smallest carbon footprint we can!) then head inside to the warm for brews, dippy eggs and soldiers. £48 for two adults. Group sizes of up to 6. Click here to read more!


Hard life choices to make? LET THE GOAT VOTE on what you should do! Click here to read more and book!

School Visits
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From farm to fork food production learning, environmental sustainability, climate change, renewable power technologies - book your class in for a visit! Full day visits, half days, regular weekly visits for special needs groups and (a limited number of) FREE visits available! Read more

Farm explorer Parties

Environmentally friendly children's parties! Have loads of fun exploring the farm, feed the hens, collect the eggs, feed the goats and meet the sheep! £190 for 10 (human) kids. Read more

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Welcome to Cronkshaw Fold

Whoa you scrolled all the way down here! Kudos to your thumbs!


We're located in the beautiful Alden Valley in Northern England (think of a cross between Downton Abby and Winterfell)


We want to grow the most delicious food we can, in as much abundance as we can, with the smallest carbon footprint we can while encouraging as much wildlife and biodiversity across the farm as we can! Doing all of these things at once is a proper challenge. We're constantly trying to get better by researching and trying out new ways of farming and managing the land. Our current focus is on converting the whole farm to run hydrocarbon free (so no petrol, diesel, gas, hydrocarbon based fertilizers - it's a biggy!) We want to do everything we can to reduce the effects of climate change as quickly as possible.


We farm poultry, meat goats and sheep alongside our kitchen gardens, honey bees and broadleafed woodland. We use farming practices that promote healthy soils, care for the countryside, increase local wildlife and preserve traditional rural skills such as dry stone walling, hedge laying, coppicing and companion planting.

All of our livestock are farmed in line with the RSPCA "5 freedoms" philosophy and have access to large outdoor spaces for grazing and foraging during fair weather including species rich mowing meadows. They also have indoor weatherproof accommodation for poor weather. Death is not a taboo subject here - all our animals are for food and are either killed on site (poultry) or at our local abattoir which is a 25 minute drive from us.

Climate change is something we are very concerned about. We have a great sense of urgency to do all we can to prevent our contribution towards emissions and help our visitors to do the same. This includes working towards changing our current farming practices in order to grow produce with a lower carbon footprint. We are also working hard to raise money to invest in renewable power technologies so we can produce and store energy on site - we're most of the way there with this one after installing 61 solar panels, 3 tesla powerwalls and a heat pump in 2022, woohoo!


Where are we?

Cronkshaw Fold Farm






(~40 minutes North of Manchester)


- 2 hours South of Scotland

- 4 hours North of London

- 40 Minutes North from Manchester Airport




Closest airport = Manchester then Leeds-Bradford.


Closest train stations = Manchester (for those coming North from London/ Birmingham/ Wales)

OR Accrington (for those travelling from Leeds / Bradford / Newcastle / Scotland)


Coming from Manchester, Blackburn or Accrington: X41

The X41 goes between Blackburn and Manchester. It stops in our village at Gregory Fold, Helmshore. Get off here. It's a 25 minute walk to the farm from the bus stop or a 5 minute taxi ride (google Kenyons Taxis, Haslingden for a local taxi.)


Driving a group here in a coach? Click here for our coach driver info including pictures of the farm entrance and coach parking area.


Neary's shop (a local shop for local people - but Mrs Neary is nice and will let you in if you are polite) is by the bus stop and has everything you could want if you're after buying supplies once you're here so you don't have to carry loads of food/ drink while travelling. DON'T YOU DARE buy eggs there though, you buy them from us or our hens will be very offended!

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