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Sheltered work experience

We offer an ideal venue for special needs work experience students, with plenty of open space, outdoor and indoor working areas and flexible working hours that can be made to fit with you and your students.


Currently we offer regular weekly, as well as fortnightly or termly visits to special needs students. A range of practical farm jobs can be undertaken by students, chosen with their particular abilities in mind. This enables students to achieve a feeling of success and job satisfaction from their work here at the farm, while also learning how to complete meaningful work with the long term goal of creating employable young people with practical work experience. Students are taught how to feed the animals, muck out, clean equipment, maintain animal housing, identify fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs and grasses, plant seeds, harvest produce, care for wildlife and much more.


Facilities for the disabled

Unfortunatly we do not yet have the facilities to offer our full range of activities to those who are wheel chair users. This is something we are keen to work towards in the future. If you wish to know more about our facilities and their suitabilities for your needs please feel free to contact us.





We accept bookings year round. We offer first time teachers visiting our farm a free pre visit to meet the farm staff, have a look round and discuss any learning objectives you'd like to achieve during your visit. To request a visit please email us if you would like to arrange a pre visit or get some more information prior to submitting a booking form.




We have a minimum charge of £75 for a half day visit and £142 for a full day visit, which includes up to 6 students. There is an additional charge of £7.50 per student thereafter. 

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