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Retired visitors feed the lambs
Gardening tasks
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Flower cutting activities
Alden Valley, Helmshore
Retirement homes

A considerable number of the older population have worked in rural jobs in their younger years, thus a visit to the farm is often a pleasant trip down memory lane. We ofter the chance for elderly, frail individuals to meet some of the smaller farm animals such as lambs, hens and sheepdogs. Our farm staff enjoy engaging visitors in conversation about their experiences with farm animals in the past, and discussing the similarities in modern day farming practices and how they have changed through time. We find this style of visit - getting to meet and feed the animals and talk about them - brings a lot of joy to those who attend.


We have a heated classroom with sturdy chairs and facilties to make hot drinks and snacks. This space can be used to bring in animals for the seated visitors to see. We can also undertake gardening activities such as planting vegtable seeds and polinator flowers to encourage more wildlife into our allotment gardens. These activities can be done here at the farm or we can come to you.





We accept bookings year round, though we find retirement home visits are best suited to warm dry days to avoid elderly visitors getting cold. We have no problem with rescheduling your visit should the weather forecast change after your initial booking. We offer first-time group leaders visiting our farm a free pre-visit to meet the farm staff, have a look round and discuss any particular objectives you'd like to achieve during your visit. If you would like to arrange a pre-visit or get some more information prior to submitting a booking form just drop us an email.




We have a minimum charge of £65 (the equivilent of 15 visitors) in order to ensure we can cover our costs. If you are struggling to get these numbers talk to us and we will see if we can help.








*We can offer full day (5 hour) visits, however unless you have a particularly active, fit group of retired folk we find a half day visit is more suitable.                            

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