Sheepdog puppy encounters - To raise money for renewable power technologies at the farm
Learn about the amazing Border Collie, watch a live sheepdog demonstration and meet our 2019 puppies.

Nothing beats the magic of watching a border collie work with a Shepherd, but meeting the next generation of working sheepdog puppies while they are still little fluff balls? That must come pretty close!


You will be greated by Dot (the farmer) and Floss (Mum to the puppies) who will give you a quick sheepdog demonstration where you can watch and learn about this ancient skill and see the bond between human and dog as they gather sheep from the fields.


After being out in the field it's time to come inside, take off your welly boots and sit down on the floor to meet the pups. This is a great chance for the puppies to socialise and meet new people before they go off to their new homes on farms across the UK and Europe.


Group sizes are a maximum of 6 people to give the pups a chance to investigate you and you the chance to see the pups up close. There will not be an opportunity to pick the puppies up (this is to avoid potential injury to the pups from being held incorrectly) but they are very likely to come and climb on your knee while you are sat down (and extremely likely to chew your socks!) 


We are running these sessions to help us save up to buy renewable power technology for the farm. We are very concerned about climate change and it's affects on our farm and the wider world. These puppy encounters are an idea we've come up with to raise money faster so we can buy a wind turbine/ solar panels sooner!


We (Dot, Floss and the pups) look forward to welcoming you to the farm soon!


****Please bare in mind that if you are considering attending alternative venues for puppy encounters that not all dog owners have the best interests of the dogs at heart. Welfare is extremely important to us. Anyone in attendance who does not follow the instructions set out for interacting with the puppies will be immediately asked to leave and no refund will be issued.****

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