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Guest Extras

Hot tub wildlife lookout


Available for private hire

Watch the Swallows and buzzards by day and the bats and owls by night while wallowing in the Wildlife lookout hot tub! This booking is for exclusive private use of our double filtered spring water hot tub and hot outdoor shower for you and up to 5 friends for an hour and a half - plenty of time to soak and become a wrinkly prune.


Price: £38


Working Sheepdog experience

Meet the sheepdogs at the farm, watch them working and see the younger dogs being trained.


Join our farm staff for an hour long insight into the basics of training Sheepdogs. Meet our dogs here at the farm and those who are staying with us for training from farms across the UK.


We will talk about the history of the working sheepdog and its relevance in the 21st century - The tractor replaced the horse, but what will replace the sheepdog?


We will then go out into the fields with one of the dogs where you will get to watch the dogs herding the sheep, learn about the different commands and gain and understanding of the relationship between a Shepherd and a working dog.


After this we will head back to the farm and take one of the younger dogs out for a training session. Here you will see in action how the instinctive herding instinct is used, and how shepherds can train a dog to work towards a common goal - whether that's catching a sheep or pushing them all through one field, through a gate and onto pastures new.


Optional extra - stay for a light meal of dippy eggs from the farm and all organic hot buttered toast, Jam and honey all washed down with steaming mugs of tea, coffee and English apple juice. Served in a private timber framed dining space overlooking the hills. £10.50pp.


*Sale!* This experience is currently reduced from £65 to £48!*


We're not doing our usual format of sheepdog experiences at the mo as we've been focusing on installing solar panels, a heat pump, battery storage and having a little baby (the human sort!) and as the doggies need a chunk of time every day we've not had the spare time to have extra dogs in for training, thus there's only our two girls to use for demos at the moment.


If you'd like to book anyway even though it's only two dogs you'd be very welcome to, and we've reduced the price from £65 to £48 to reflect the small amount of furry demonstrators. Click 'Book Now' to choose a date and time to book!

(The cost covers up to 5 people. Children under 4 do not count in the head count)

Farm Experiences


Book to join in and help with our morning or evening farm jobs and learn all about how we farm here.


£49 for 2 people including breakfast or supper.


Extra guests welcome! (up to a maximum of 6 people.)


Join a member of our farm staff to do the morning or evening jobs. Explore the farm with our knowledgeable staff, meet our world famous goats (who spent the pandemic Zoom bombing meetings around the world, allowing us to fund raise for solar panels to fulfill our aim of running the farm on 100% renewable power!) Give the goats their breakfast or dinner (depending on what time you book) and enjoy some time in the goat pens giving some belly rubs. Find out how to do a general health check on a Goat and learn what care goats need to stay in top condition. Next, feed the hens their breakfast and collect the eggs - you'll be eating these eggs later - then it's time to visit our Hebridean sheep and learn why this breed is a good fit for our landscape and extensive grazing farming practices. 


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