Goat yoga sessions - To raise money for renewable power technologies at the farm

We're very concerned about the effects climate change is having on our farm, wildlife here and the effects of climate change around the world. 


We've decided to run these 'goat yoga' sessions as we're on a bit of a crazy fundraising mission so we can afford to buy renewable power technology (solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines etc) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can do our bit to tackle climate change. We want to become completely carbon neutral at our farm.

We also really want to produce enough renewable power that we have leftover electric we can sell back to the grid for other people to use. This will help bring down the cost of buying renewable power for other people who don't have the space to install green tech at their own home.

All the money from these goat yoga workshops (aside from the yoga teachers fee) will go towards buying renewable power technology to install at the farm. We are also planning on transitioning away from our current style of livestock farming so Goat Yoga may well be a short lived addition to our offering here.

Us farmers (and our very friendly goats) look forward to meeting you!

nosey at our farm on instagram/twitter/fb here: @cronkshawfold



Warm old clothes you don't mind getting a bit grubby or nibbled

A yoga mat/ old towel/ blanket you don't mind getting dirty (and possibly pooped on!)

Hair tie for long hair (you will get nibbled, especially if you're a ginger!

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