Gift something good

An amazing experience for those you love. Helping us save up for renewable power technologies at the farm and transition to lower carbon farming. Win win!

Goat Video Calls

Know someone who has loads of video call meetings? Gift them 5 minutes with a Goat! They select the time, date and call for our goats to join, then the Goat rocks up in their meeting, befuddling their colleagues and bewildering their comrades!


Valid for 3 months from booking.

Virtual Farm Tours

Know someone who loves all things farms and is missing adventures into the countryside? Book them a 20 minute guided tour of our farm via zoom call for them to enjoy along with anyone else they choose to invite along.


Meet our world famous Zoom Goats, our free range poultry hens, sheepdogs and upland sheep flock all set in the stunning rolling hills of England.


Valid for 3 months from booking.


For the adventurous ones in your life! Let them choose between our Treehouse, Yurt, Shepherds Hut and Old Farm Office. Unique, quirky accommodation tucked into private spots around our farm. Located an hour's bus ride / 40 minute drive North of central Manchester, and 70 minutes drive/ 2 hours train + bus from Manchester International Airport. Choose from a 2 night stay voucher for our Treehouse at £140 for two people, or a 3 night stay for any of our accommodations for £190 for two people. All accommodations have comfy double beds. Hot tub available on site to book separately - £70 for private all weekend use. 

Goat Yoga

Like a normal yoga class, but better!

For your Goat / Yoga loving comrades - treat them to a yoga session with some additional goaty goodness.

All classes are at our Farm, 1 hour North of Manchester, England.

Price: £50 voucher for 2 people to attend a class.


This is for an hour and a half of yoga with the goats, and a chance to meet our celebrity Zoom goats, too!

Valid for 12 months from booking.

Mini farm explorers toddler classes

Treat the little legs in your life to one of our Mini Farm Explorers toddler classes.

Here we basically scout for future farm apprentice talent, teaching your kiddo how to feed the hens, collect the eggs, feed the goats and check the sheep. We believe you're never too young or too old to be helpful!

Price: £5.99

This is for one grown up and one little human for the 45 minute class. 

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